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The Parenting Reset Show

Aug 30, 2022

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Helen Panos, an accomplished educator/instructional specialist with over 25 years experience in a public school system about 5 myths surrounding SAT/ACT and how to plan for your child’s success. 


  • Helen introduces herself to us and speaks about the work she does.
  • Tess and Helen talk about the 504 plan and what that is and how this can help with getting accommodations to help when our children take their SAT/ACT.
  • Helen talks about what the SAT’s and ACT’s are and explains them to us and the differences between the two. 
  • Helen talks about what the top five myths are and explains why these are myths - 

          1) “SAT is harder than the ACT”

          2) “Wait to take the ACT/SAT till the end of your junior year” 

          3) “Only prep for ACT/SAT if you don’t have a high GPA” 

          4) “Because they are IQ tests it is impossible to study for them” 

          5) “Test scores don’t matter because schools are test optional”

  • Helen explains the test format to us.
  • Helen talks about some of the strategies that we can use with our children. 
  • Helen talks about encouraging parents to think ahead of time and when the best time is to start preparing for the SAT/ACT. 
  • Helen is most grateful for being able to run a company where she can help a lot of children. 

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